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Home » Site News » The Battle of Lumbridge - O...

The Battle of Lumbridge - One Week In

Tags : Runescape-Gold     Runescape    

As of today, we enter the second week of the Battle of Lumbridge! As it stands so far, Saradomin continues to extend his lead over Zamorak, but the rate he's gaining tears is falling off in comparison to Zamorak's - so it ain't over yet, Zamorakians.
Both sides of the conflict have voted for an enhancement to their damage-dealing abilities on the field, sacrificing the option to beef up their defences. This week, they'll be called upon to decide which of their faction's mighty reinforcements to the battle first. Saradominists can choose between the powerful centaur healer champion and the mighty ranged colossus, while the Zamorakian forces can choose between the rallying power of the lesser demon champion and the sheer destructive force of the siege beast. Make your voice heard!
Duke Horacio will also be looking for more advice following the adventurer-advised creation of a refugee shelter in East Lumbridge. Make sure you give him your opinion on his new dilemma and claim your free bonus experience, as this choice will continue to change the face of the town.
We of the World Event team have been keeping a close eye on how matters progress over the last week, and we've made a few fixes to issues that have arisen. Notably, but not exclusively:
The load balancing of the battlefield is now active again. If the main battle area is overpopulated, you will now be taken to an instance which is less full. This should help with the framerate issues some of you have encountered, and should make it easier to find things to kill. We'll continue to keep an eye on this as the event continues.
If you take your reward armour into the God Wars Dungeon, you should now find it correctly counts as that god's armour.
We've increased the number of soldiers who can spawn on the battlefield at once, to encourage more fighting.
We've addressed an issue with the hiscore table in which people were seeing their score higher than it actually was in game. If you see your hiscore table entry go down, don't worry! You've not been penalised votes or renown; it's just displaying your correct score now.
An issue where the 0s vanished from the "(Winning God) leads by X,XXX,XXX" text on the HUD has been resolved.
There was some confusion over how the tears multiplier works. We've clarified the tooltip to correctly state that your multiplier shows the average tears you will receive per gather; decreases as you gather tears each day; and resets on a new day.
We've added your current amount of renown to the "My contribution" tooltip, in case you want to check it without going to your faction's quartermaster.
A couple of typos are gone from the text on some supporting characters.
We've increased the price of faction emotes to represent their status as prestigious, rare abilities. As a result, it will now be more of a challenge to collect all the rewards from both sides.
Don't forget that this week brings additional troops and random events on the battlefield itself. The battle has only just begun!