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Home » Site News » People Should Pay Attention...

People Should Pay Attention the Ultraviolet Runescape Gold Damage

Tags : Runescape-Gold     Runescape-Money    

In the summer, ultraviolet will not only damage the skin to causing skin age, but also will damage to the Runescape Gold eyes. Once you contact with ultraviolet light for a long time, the eyes will be acute symptoms such as conjunctiva hyperemia, corneal cell injury and eye pain. Chronic symptoms are the same as the symptoms of small A, there pinguecula or conjunctiva cells appear abnormal growth, wing-like membrane covering the eyeball piece, or even appear whitish crystalline lens and thus suffer from cataracts.

If you want to against UV damage, choosing a UV sunglasses is very important, but need to be noted that UV is not always from the front into the eyes, the eyes may also be from a variety of angles into the side. Into the eyes, after corneal refractive UV may be concentrated to the point, then ultraviolet UV eye damage may be just with the eyes 20 times.

Therefore, Sasaki ocean that sunglasses should also wear a wide-brimmed hat when, or optional rack ears at the wider, more like goggles as sunglasses, so as to more fully prevent ultraviolet light from all angles into the eyes, injury eye and cornea.

Of course, in addition to UV rays in summer, swimming is also to be noted that the prevention of viral conjunctivitis, once a serious condition may also hurt the corneal cells and exacerbate the pain. After a swim Rinse the eyes cannot achieve good preventive effect, therefore, swimming wear swimming goggles are also important.

In summer, people who use contact lenses, especially painting with contact lenses, they should also be noted. Save contact lenses need to pay attention to hygiene and disinfection, either glasses or glasses should be taken first hand, access to first contact lenses, contact lenses should be at least graze each side 20 times, so as not to hand carry viruses and bacteria on contact lenses into the eyes, causing disease.

Expect for this, in the summer, the girl loves beauty, she often wear makeup or beauty pupil. Japanese prime Pure Eye Hospital Department Dean Wells pointed out that if makeup eyeliner painted too strong, easy to plug the eye occasion glands, causing dry eye; And many girls did not undergo a medical recommendation to purchase US-pupil to wear, do not choose to After the United States for their own pupil, are likely to cause eye discomfort or even illness. Therefore, when the eye discomfort, you should seek medical treatment as soon as possible, it should not buy eye drops to drip.